Saturday, February 18, 2006

Driving glasses

I propose that SUV's be made entirely of glass.

Although the driveway on which I park my car is not a "blind drive" by design, I've found that it can be easily modified into one with the addition of SUV's.

An SUV flanking each side of the exit makes it literally impossible for an egressor to view traffic, coming or going. The car visibility shadow cast by an SUV is so wide that up to three cars can approach the poor driver's trunk in the time it may take him to clear it.

Any sort of translucence could solve my problem. I only propose glass because the additional trait of frailty may provide some extra benefits:
  1. Less horn honking. "He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones." I imagine the same notion applies to cars. For one thing, you'd be a dunce to upset somebody when you're only one fender bender away from taking the bus. Also, conscious or not, I believe some people behave more aggressively when they feel "anonymous"-- something hard to do when you're riding around exposed, looking like Wonder Woman in her invisible jet.
  2. Less aggressive driving. See point 1.


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