Monday, January 31, 2011

Old Notes

RandomExerciseThe following note is on its way to the recycling bin.  I found it yesterday while sorting through old papers, and after a few minutes of being absolutely baffled, pieced together that it’s the result of an exercise I tried with respect to an old story I was preparing for a MassMouth competition.

The exercise is pretty simple: commit key elements of your story to paper, utilizing representational images.  As you may be able to tell, producing a work of art is not the point…

Almost a year after having walked through this exercise, I have no recollection of having done so.  Yet, without a doubt this is my handwriting and my scribble style. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bad behavior

I don’t care what you are.  I care about what you did.” – Jay Smooth

This video came up during a meeting yesterday.  Smooth makes some great points about approaching someone regarding their unacceptable conduct.  Although he brings these points up in the context of addressing another’s racist behavior, they are applicable to most situations where you are dealing with other people.

I highly recommend a listen.  

How to tell people they sound racist, by Jay Smooth



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