Monday, April 21, 2008

Thank you, Michelle!

Great news -- My mother once again has access to treatment!!

After many months of trying to traverse the confusing world of pharmaceuticals, health care, insurance, and patient advocacy I was able to connect with Nancy Falkman, a Program Director at AccessMed. She, in turn, connected me with Michelle Mainor, a CSL Behring Programs counselor who has worked diligently on my family's behalf. Since July of 2007, Michelle has tried approach after approach demonstrating a great sensitivity to my mother's situation and a determination to help.

Many, many thanks to Michelle for her patience and dedication.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Economics 101

Christian and I went for a bike ride today. Along the way, we stopped at a nearby park where I overheard a father talking to his little boy. When the boy ignored his father's request to not play (stop playing) with a little plastic wagon another little boy had parked behind me, his father responded with:
"Hmm... You want to touch everyone else's things, but you don't want anyone to touch yours. That's quite an economy, son."


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