Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long short hand

Word retrieval has never been my specialty. It's a complete mystery whether this fact is the cause or the result of my brain's tendency to conjure up stories or anecdotes in place of a more succinct "right word".

On any given day with me, you're likely to hear references to "saw sharpening", "emperor's clothes", or other common reference points. However, you're just as likely to hear me refer to a childhood memory, a line in a movie, or an obscure joke. Those of you who know me well have learned what most of these things mean. Maybe I should put a glossary together for the casual observer.

The thing is, I'm not sure my vocabulary is rich enough to capture certain feelings or observations on the fly. And, since I am a creature of habit and not the most original one at that, sometimes the same feelings or thoughts creep up over and over again. Top this with the common adage admonishing one from reinventing the wheel, and I think this approach to communication makes sense.

Of course I would think that. Sour grapes, anyone?

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