Monday, June 08, 2009

Whose world is it?

Planet EarthA few months ago, while participating in a MassMouth event at Toscanini's, I made my way over to the counter and took a look at the assortment of flavors. I asked the guy behind the counter some "can I ...?" kind of question and was met with a shrug and the following response:

Hey, it's your world. I'm just living in it.

I was tickled by this. Here was this laid-back, hipster looking fellow whose entire disposition seemed to nonchalantly state "I see no reason why I shouldn't do whatever I can to make you happy."

I think about this now and again. Although I technically know that I am not the only "center of the universe" flitting about out in the world, sometimes I forget. And there is a guy behind a counter who makes a point of remembering.

I'm feeling inspired. For some time now, I've been considering publishing some sort of personal challenge that will require that I think or behave differently than I normally do. So here we go.

This week, I will be the Toscanini's behind-the-counter guy. In other words, I want to set aside my ego enough to play the helpful, accomodating, and pleasant "extra" in everybody elses' movies. For accountability, I will make a point of posting how things go -- check back to see the ways in which I do well, the ways in which I fall short, and what I learn in the process.

Wish me luck!

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