Friday, February 19, 2010

My Kingdom for a Penguin


In the past, I’ve recommended staging a show you would like to watch for guaranteed laughter or smiles.  Although I still stand by this recommendation, I realize there is also a time and a place for something quick and easy.

Like today, for example.

I’ve included a shortcut below, in case you are feeling especially lazy.  However, I have made a point of including quick instructions for finding the same results in the world wide web.  Why?  Because a special little penguin has taught me this:

If you give someone a fish, you have fed him for a day.  But, if you teach someone to go to the fish market, then you have made the world a better, more adorable, and happier place.

Skeptical?  Follow these instructions and learn for yourself.


  1. Open up a new web browser.
  2. Point your browser to Google.
  3. Google “penguin backpack japan”.
  4. Fall in love.


The world is full of fun, cute, exciting, and heart warming stories.  Remember to take the time to fish for them.

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