Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spam is all your fault


Okay, perhaps not directly.  And maybe not you, specifically.  But please hear me out.

Like most people, I get a ton of spam.  Regarding the spammers behind her own stuffed spambox, a concerned friend once asked, “How do they know I’m overweight?”

The countless offers of penii enlargement, prescription drugs, and stock market tips had been overlooked because they hadn’t applied to her.  When they were pointed out, she was surprised.  Why would spammers do that? 

Well, to a spammer, she is just an email address.  He knows that if he tosses a scam or an offer for some illegal product to enough email addresses, someone somewhere will not only feel that the offer applies directly to them – they will actually buy it.

Obviously, there are enough someones out there to make the business of spam profitable.  If you are one of those someones, I’m not mad or anything, but please stop.

Thank you!

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