Monday, October 12, 2009

Oooh, Scary!

Ever since an unfortunate incident involving an airborne popcorn bucket and a startling scene at a movie theatre, Christian makes a point of accompanying me to events where I am likely to get spooked.  This would be romantic if he were there for moral support or to calm my nerves.  Instead, he actually sticks around for the show -- waiting for me to cringe, recoil, yelp, or whatever other embarrassing thing Ms. Scaredy-Pants does when faced with anything surprising.

BarrettsHalloween 094We went to a haunted house with some friends this Saturday.  It was very well done – there were plenty of unexpected twists, creepy characters, and shocking lurches.  Even though I knew all the ghouls, witches, and other creatures I would come across would either be actors or mannequins I could not shake the feeling of apprehension as we made our way through the halls.  And, even though I knew to expect the actors to jump at me when I least expected it, I could not help but freak out a little each time it happened.  It was great!

I’m not sure why Christian was surprised, but I shrieked with laughter throughout the experience.  I’ve always assumed that laughing in response to anxiety or fear was normal since my family, with the exception of my father,  respond the same way.  (e.g. During a recent visit to Six Flags with one of my sisters, on any ride where others were compelled to scream, we laughed hysterically.)

To pack a little more Halloween-oriented action into the weekend, I tried my hand at following an on-line tutorial for creating a cute furry vector monster on Chris Spooner's blog.  The purple creature on the left is his example and the blue creature on the right is my rendition. 

My output after taking the tutorial

Chris uses Illustrator which has a few features that my software, Paint Shop Pro is lacking.  I was able to work around this, but my monster is not a vector like his is as a result.  (I like him anyway.)

Based on this walk-through, I would highly recommend Chris’s tutorials.  They are well put-together, easy to follow, and teach you some pretty cool stuff.


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