Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's the fuss all about?

gas_pumps Sometime back I overheard a woman asking her friend what the big deal was about the rising price of gas.  "It's constantly in the news", she complained.  "But it doesn't impact me at all."

I couldn't hear her friend's response, but my guess is that she looked dubious.  The woman went on to explain her secret.

"I don't fill up.

Whenever I go the pump, I buy $20 worth of gas.  That's how much I spent at the pump before the price increases, and that's how much I'm spending now.

It's simple."

I was able to stick around only long enough to hear her comment on the lack of common sense these days.  Due to her friend’s soft-spoken nature, or shyness developed from the realization that a stranger was eavesdropping, I’ll never know what was said in response.

Part of me feels guilty that I didn’t interrupt the conversation with a back of the napkin algebraic formula.  After all, it’s not difficult to demonstrate that at a fixed total cost, the number of gallons purchased goes down when the price per gallon goes up.  But then again, how do you go about doing such a thing without coming across like a total jerk?


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