Monday, October 26, 2009

Story Slam Tonight @ Kennedy's Midtown in Boston

WooTaingandNorahDooley7If you've ever heard me in conversation, you know that I obviously don't mind repeating myself.  So here goes: Tonight is MASSMOUTH's first story slam.

Click here to read what I previously wrote about the then upcoming story slam.  Let your eyes track downward to read a few logistics about the now imminent story slam.  (And make sure to check in in the future to read what I will write about how awesome it all was.)

The story slam is taking place at Kennedy’s Midtown in Boston.  This means “bring your ID”.  There is a $5 cover (1 drink minimum) and there is a discount for students.  This also means “bring your ID”.

Doors will open by 6:30pm.  Stories should start by 7pm!

StoryQuote1The address

42 Province St
Boston, MA
Getting there via public transportation
Kennedy's Midtown is easily accessible via public transportation.  Take the Red Line to the Park Street T stop, and walk a couple of blocks:
  1. Head northeast on Tremont St for 413 ft. 
    (northeast = standing on Tremont St with the park on your left)
  2. Take a right onto Bromfield St and walk 322 ft.
  3. Turn left at Province St for about 70 ftKennedy’s Midtown will be on your right.
StoryQuote2Notes about parking
You may be able to find on-street parking after 5 or 6PM, though you should pay careful attention to when the meters stop running.
There are a number of parking garages near by, including:
Pi Alley Parking @ 275 Washington St
Laz Parking @ 45 Province St (Valet Parking only)
33 Arch Street Garage @ 33 Arch St

StoryQuote3 Stories told this evening will be based on the theme "scared to death".  Anyone can put their name in the hat, but only 10 tellers will be selected at random to tell their story.  Judgers will judge and winners will win according to the following criteria:
  • Telling -- How well was the story told?
  • Construction --How well was the story constructed?
  • Time limit -- How well did the storyteller honor the time limit?
  • Theme -- How well did the story relate to the theme?

Prizes will be awarded to the 3 highest-scoring tellers.  They will also be given the opportunity to perform at the "the big mouthoff" for which I hear the grand prize could knock even your boots off your feet.

It should be a great time.  If you find me there and make reference to this blog post, I promise to introduce you to real, live, professional storyteller! 

I hope to see you there.

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