Monday, March 15, 2010

MassMouth: a special night

MassMouth had its first story slam on October 26, 2009.  Since then, it’s hosted a number of others – often to standing room only crowds – that I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of attending. 

Tonight, as Norah Dooley, Andrea Lovett, and Doria Hughes made their rounds to ensure that everyone who wanted a chance to tell signed up, I noticed a glimmer in Christian’s eye.  Lo and behold, he put his name in the hat!


I competed at the Valentine’s Day slam and won a slot in the upcoming Mega Mouth.  (Check out the grand prize to see why this is exciting.)  Despite this, I’d have to say that tonight’s slam was even more special to me because Christian got up to tell.

Hooray for Christian!  Hooray for MassMouth!  Hooray for all you lucky listeners and tellers out there! 

P.S. Mark your calendars – March 21st 4-7pm at Ryles is your last shot at winning a slot to compete in the April 20th Mega Mouth slam.

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