Friday, September 18, 2009

Digging up and taking it from there

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to go right?  If not, please contact me immediately and let me know who your patron saint is or what rainbow deity I need to start praying to.  Otherwise, you might want to bookmark today's post for future reference.

  1. Dig up.
    Getting piled over with snow, as in an avalanche, can be incredibly disorienting -- as a result, many people who find themselves in such a situation accidentally dig in the wrong direction, using up their energy while making their situation worse.  The same thing can happen when we are down in the dumps.  The natural tendency for some people is to dig down, focusing on how the current situation is as bad as it is. 

    There is a trick for figuring out which way is up if you are piled under snow -- after clearing some space around you, grab a handful of snow and see (or feel) which direction it falls.  (If physics is not your forte, objects fall down and the opposite of down is up.)  Similarly, there are tricks for digging up when you are at an emotional low point.  One that I like to use can be referred to as digging for something positive.  You don't have to be a digging up ninja for this to help, but you do have to be willing to let go of the notion (subconscious or not) that your particular issue is some sort of sacred cow.

    The exercise:  Take something you are currently upset about and dig for something positive about it.  Note: The positive does not have to outweigh the negative.  The goal here is to identify anything -- little or big, silly or serious -- that can help you remember which way is up.
    An example:  Years ago, a good friend of mine injured her left knee and had to have surgery.  After she had fully recovered, she had a second accident that injured her right knee and would require the same sort of surgery.  She called me, upset and then dared me to come up with something positive about the situation after I attempted to suggest that it was possible. 
    "Now you'll be symmetrical again?
    (I was relieved to hear her laugh on the other end of the line.)   

  2. A joke.  (This one is one of my favorites)

    Q:  What did the number 0 (zero) say to the number 8 (eight)?
    A:  Nice belt!

  3. Something ridiculously adorable.

Have a great weekend!


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