Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I looked right past my good fortune

eye chart

Normally -- from the moment I wake up to the minute I am ready to hit the sack -- I wear corrective lenses.  One morning a few weeks ago, a random "let's try something new" mood swept over me and I decided to go through the day without them.  Oh how fun!

Guess who didn't make it past breakfast?

Throughout my meal, I felt frustrated that I couldn't clearly see the details of the morning I am accustomed to enjoying.  The adorable squirrel sitting on the lunchbox affixed to the behemoth beech tree?  A brown blob.  The big bush we refer to as grand central station, peppered with chirpy little sparrows?  A big green blob.

I felt as if something had been taken away.
It took me a few minutes of sitting alone, annoyed, to realize that nothing in fact had been taken away -- this is the best my eyes can do on their own, without assistance. All these years of 20/20 vision have been a gift that I had been completely overlooking.

But I can see it today.  And that's something, right?

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