Thursday, September 10, 2009

Snail trail and sunflowers


I went to Natasket Beach for the first time this last weekend with Christian and two good friends.  The photo above is of a snail trail we discovered while snooping around on the sand.  The snail is insanely small compared to the size of this trail he blazed.

SunflowersSunflower, close up

Today is my birthday!  The bouquet above is comprised of three gifts -- two lovely bundles of sunflowers and greenery from Helga’s garden.  (Thank you Misha, Andrea, and Helga.)  I am normally not much of a flower person, but I have a special fondness for sunflowers.  Hooray!


1 comment:

AlwaysJoy said...

Happy birthday! And I am with you - sunflowers are one of my favorites too!


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