Monday, October 05, 2009

Singing for one's supper

Okay, I wasn’t actually singing.  And it wasn’t exactly for my supper.  But I did tell some stories in exchange for a wonderful afternoon with Andrea and Christian, a bag of donuts, a peck of apples, and some cider.

Due to the nature of the venue, the audience was a bit more transient than I am used to.  I have a feeling this will come up more and more as MassMouth builds momentum.

I told modified versions of Wren and Strangers in the Living Room and was relieved that I didn’t feel stuck to the page as a result of having recently written snapshots of these two stories.  I’m not sure I would have been able to remove the blindfold I refer to in “tell the whole elephant” if I hadn’t played with both stories ahead of time. 

I also told another of my favorites, The Very Foolish Man.  I was pretty sure I told a fourth story, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.

It was an absolute treat for me to see Christian tell, and Andrea delighted me with her energy and enthusiasm.  If you missed us this week, make sure to get your tush over to Shelburne Farm next week for a chance to hear Doria Hughes, Kevin Brooks, Laura Packer, Nicolette Heavey, and Cindy Rivka Marshall.
MassMouth3 ApplesShelburne Farm
October 12th, 1-3pm
Location: Shelburne Farm, Stow MA
Address: 106 West Acton Road
City, State: Stow, MA
Phone: (978) 897-9287

MassMouth has a mission to build audiences for storytelling by helping the general public get what storytelling is.  Through exposure.  Where they may or may not expect it. 

There are some exciting developments on this front.  Keep your eyes and ears open (especially your ears) to learn what they are.



AlwaysJoy said...

elsa -
I wish I could have been there - let me know the next time you or christian are telling I would love to hear you!

anonymas said...

Continue the good work; keep posting more n more n more.
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