Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sharing: Productivity, organization, and backups

I made quite a bit of computer-oriented, organization-related progress this week.  As a result, productivity, organization, and backups are fresh on my mind.postit_2 

  • Productivity
    Christian shot this link my way with an impish smile.  “You should try this, it will help you be more productive.”   

    Straight forward and to the point, The Ultimate Productivity Blog offers some sage advice.  

  • Organization
    I have tons of notes from storytelling sessions, conferences, projects, you name it.  Ever Note allows you to capture, organize, and then easily find this sort of stuff.  I’m currently using their free service and am enjoying it so far.  Depending on how much use I get out of it, I will likely consider upgrading to their premium version available for $5/month.
  • Back ups
    I had experienced two separate, catastrophic personal data events -- a laptop theft and a laptop death.  Despite this, figuring out what to do about backups was one item that took forever to get off of my to do list.  Until I discovered Carbonite, I walked around with a nagging worry in the back of my mind -- what if it happens again? 

    Oh, what a relief this product is.  It’s easy to set up and automatically backs up files when they change.  It’s already saved my hide more than once and offers me peace of mind.  I heartily recommend it.

See you tomorrow!

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Connecting Stories said...

Very cool and useful post. Love the blog - took me a while to realize I had found it... too funny. Thanks.


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