Tuesday, September 08, 2009

You can do that?

I was invited to watch a friend's choral conducting in action one Sunday, years ago. His choir consisted of a group of children, gathered in front of a warm and welcoming congregation. They sang in unison, save for some short solos woven in here and there. Soloist after soloist took a step forward, sang their piece, and then immediately stepped back into anonymity.

Then... instead of taking a timid step forward, the next soloist literally leaped out of line. Sashaying and shimmying, hands clapping over head, she danced through the aisles as she sang to a room of surprised and delighted adults.

I was surprised and delighted as well. But not nearly as much as when I caught a glimpse of a previous soloist turning to a choir-mate to ask "You can do that?"

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Anonymous said...

What a sad thing this is, no comments at all.

Elsa, you have friends and they like you and they even talk to you - so why no posts?

I post for you! I post with sincerity! Look, a post, from me!


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